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Abba Medix gains access to Europe’s first legal seed bank

Abba Medix will have hundreds of new strains to work with as a new supplier for Germany’s medical cannabis market. 

A two-year agreement between the Abba Medix and Franchise calls for the supply of 200 kg of cannabis annually.

“Establishing this relationship with the first licensed German distributor of medical cannabis is an exciting step for our business in diversifying our distribution into international markets,” said Canada House CEO, Chris Churchill-Smith. 

As a parent company of Abba Medix, Canada House Clinics, and Knalysis Technologies, Canada House is a global provider of cannabinoid therapy products and services.

Under the supply agreement, Abba Medix will acquire genetics from Europe’s first legal seed bank with over 220 strains including:

  • Love Potion #1 – A sativa-dominant strain that can also serve as a strong aphrodisiac in the right setting. 
  • Willie Nelson – A sativa strain that is widely known for its euphoric, creative effects.
  • Pink Kush – An indica-dominant hybrid with powerful body-focused effects known to eliminate pain, insomnia, and appetite loss.

“Based on multiple visits to Abba’s Pickering facility, we feel very confident with the prospect of Abba achieving EU-GMP status during 2020,” said Franchise CEO, Clifford Starke.

Franchise Cannabis is a global cannabis company with operations in Germany, Denmark, Uruguay, and Colombia.

“We look forward to working with Chris and his team as long term partners,” said Starke.

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Exports into Germany will begin when Abba receives its EU-GMP certification in 2020.   

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