About us

Every industry needs someone to tell its story, and we plan to become the definitive online journal for the legal Canadian Cannabis industry.

Our small, but talented, editorial staff has a combined 35 years of experience in journalism, covering a variety of subject matter from business to breaking news to politics.

Throughout our combined careers, our efforts to effectively tell a story have earned dozens of industry awards for various publications.

While we have dedicated our lives to the art of storytelling, we also have a passion for everything cannabis.

From seed to flower to consumption, our staff has an intimate knowledge of the plant and much of its unfortunate politics.  

Long before the notion of cannabis legalization was a serious consideration in the House of Commons, our staff was organizing buses to rallies, making placards and helping MMAR license holders grow their own medication.

Now as we tell the story of a new, legal market, we also hope to contribute to the normalization of cannabis.

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