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High Tide opens a Canna Cabana cannabis store in Airdrie, Alberta

Airdrie, Alberta has a new cannabis retail store. 

The new Canna Cabana opened by High Tide is the company’s 30th retail cannabis store in Canada, and 27th in Alberta. Located 403 Mackenzie Way, the store received its first delivery of recreational cannabis from the AGLC on Thursday and will begin selling products this month.

“Airdrie is rapidly growing as a neighbouring community to the north of Calgary and we are excited to open this Canna Cabana store in this excellent location,” said High Tide president and CEO, Raj Grover.

Development permits for the company’s remaining stores in Alberta are currently under various stages of development and construction.

“As promised, High Tide has steadily executed on its growth plans to become the largest retailer of recreational cannabis in Alberta,” said Grover. “By hitting the 30-store milestone, we continue to be a leading retailer in the country as well.”

Outside of Alberta, High Tide has Canna Cabana retail cannabis stores in Saskatchewan, and three branded locations in Ontario.

High Tide is a retail-focused licensed producer based in Alberta.

As a parent company to a growing portfolio of subsidiaries including Canna Cabanna, High Tide’s strategy is to extend and strengthen its integrated value chain and provide a complete customer experience.

Meet the High Tide family

In addition to Canna Cabana, High Tide’s portfolio includes: 

  • RGR Canada Inc. –  A Calgary based wholesale/distributor for smoke Vape shops and retailers across Canada. 
  • Kushbar – Retail cannabis store.
  • Famous Brandz Inc. – The leading manufacturer of branded lifestyle accessories in the world including the Trailer Park Boys Quartz Banger.  
  • Kush West Distribution Inc. – A cannabis wholesaler.
  • Smoker’s Corner Ltd. – Canada’s premier online head shops retailer with a wide range of products including glass bongs and vaporizers. 
  • – Online headshop featuring bongs, bubblers, grinders and more. 

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Canna Cabana is a sizeable retail business with a sophisticated yet playful customer experience. To celebrate its grand opening, High Tide will host a soiree at the Airdrie cannabis store on Saturday, Nov. 23rd.

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