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Aphria Diamond doubles parent company’s production capacity

Aphria Diamond has received its production license from Health Canada, which will double its parent company’s production capabilities.

Aphria Diamond is Aphria Inc.’s second Leamington, Ontario cannabis greenhouse facility, bringing an additional 1.3 million square feet of production space with an annual growing capacity of 140,000 kg.

Combined with the Company’s Aphria One facility and its subsidiary Broken Coast Cannabis, the company now has more than 2.4 million square feet of cultivation space capable of reaching a total annualized production capacity of 255,000 kg.

“We are extremely pleased to receive the licence for our long-awaited Aphria Diamond facility, which more than doubles our Canadian production capacity,” said Irwin D. Simon, the copmany’s interim chief executive officer.

“Reaching industry-leading production levels coinciding with the expansion into new categories and new opportunities for cannabis in Canada and around the world is a transformative moment for Aphria Inc.”

Aphria Diamond is a 51 per cent-owned subsidiary of Aphria, which the company has partnered with Double Diamond, a company with multi-generational expertise in the commercial greenhouse industry.

Aphria Diamond is located on a 100-acre campus with a new greenhouse facility covering 1.3 million square feet that has been retrofit for the cultivation of cannabis.

Aphria Diamond features the industrial-scale automation technology that is the hallmark of Aphria One’s Part IV and V expansions. The in-house designed automation will handle cultivation functions including transplanting cuttings, transporting plants through harvesting, de-budding and trimming, drying and curing, and waste disposal.

“We believe the introduction of our proprietary automation technology at Aphria Diamond will provide us with the ability to cultivate high-quality cannabis with great efficiency and at an unprecedented scale,” Simon said.

“As we remain focused on sales growth and profitability, this unique advantage is expected to enable Aphria to continue to create long-term value and drive the evolution of the industry through innovation and the development of leading brands.”

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