Blue Dream added to Beleave’s strain roster

The popular West Coast strain Blue Dream is now available through Beleave Inc.

Blue Dream will be available to medical patients under the Beleave Kannabis Corp. medicinal brand.

“Beleave is thrilled to be expanding its medicinal product offerings to include the extremely popular Blue Dream strain, which is available to medicinal patients in five gram units,” said Beleave CEO Bill Panagiotakopoulos.

“The range of popular strains available for commercial production and distribution is an important advantage that helps us do what we do best – cultivating high-quality cannabis for our customers.”

Blue Dream stats

  • Indica: 30 per cent
  • Sativa: 70 per cent
  • THC: 12 per cent
  • CBD: 0.04 per cent
  • Genetics: Blueberry x Haze

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was created in Northern California.

The strain has achieved legendary status among other notable West Coast strains, and is popular for medical use due its ability to numb pain. Despite the “dream” connotation, the strain is ideal for daytime use, and delivers an uplifting and happy effect.  

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The strain is a cross of a Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze.  Although its Haze parent is dominant, Blue Dream retains the sweet fruity aroma of Blueberry. It’s flavour also retains its indica lineage, deliver a berry and floral taste.  

Although its origin is unknown, the strain is believed to have made its first appearance in the Santa Cruz area of California.

Beleave is an ISO certified, Canadian cannabis company located in the Greater Toronto Area. The company has also developed a network of medical cannabis clinics in Ontario and Quebec under the Medi-Green banner.

Beleave is fully-licensed to grow and sell medical and recreational cannabis and is leading the way through research partnerships with universities to develop pharma-grade extracts and derivatives.

The company also offers a 20 per cent discount on all of its products for those who meet the requirements of its Compassionate Pricing Program.

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