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CanadaBis launches Stigma Roots topicals lineup

CanadaBis Capital Inc. has launched Stigma Roots, a new product line featuring cannabis root-infused creams and balms.

According to CanadaBis, Stigma Roots seeks to bring the healing power of cannabis roots to those suffering from a wide range of ailments including: joint pain, inflammation, skin burns, gastrointestinal activity, eczema and more. 

Unlike the leaves and buds of the cannabis plant, cannabis roots contain only trace amounts of cannabinoids, and do not fall under the same, strict regulations.

“We are very excited to launch the first product under our lifestyle business pillar” said Travis McIntyre, CEO of CanadaBis. 

“By using the roots of a cannabis plant as the primary ingredient in our lotions and balms, we offer three things: products capable of providing the relief and benefits people seek; a profit stream generated from roots that would typically be wasted; and a way to reach an entirely new audience with our message — one that may not typically engage with a recreational cannabis brand.”

Stigma Roots products are made by hand in Red Deer, Alberta, and the company will be offering small batches of product across a select group of retail outlets in its home province, before launching their full line of products Canada-wide via their online store in early 2020.

Currently, Stigma Roots products can be found exclusively at The Swag Shop a cannabis lifestyle and accessories store located next to INDICAtive Collection in Red Deer’s Gasoline Alley.

 INDICAtive Collection, a cannabis retail store offering unique products and service, is also owned by CanadaBis.

As new retailers are approved, their information will be available via the Stigma Roots website:

For CanadaBis the launch of Stigma Roots in one of several business developments underway. In addition to a major expansion to their cultivation facility scheduled for completion in the spring of 2020, the company is actively considering several strategic partnerships as they position themselves to support the extracts and edibles phase of Canada’s cannabis legalization.

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