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Canopy Growth Cannabis 2.0 products to launch in January

Canopy Growth has unveiled its Cannabis 2.0 portfolio of products.

December 16 is the first day in Canada that Cannabis 2.0 products can be sold into distribution channels. Canopy Growth expects that in most markets new products will not be available until early in January 2020.

The company will stagger its launch of various Cannabis 2.0 products and formats to ensure a smooth roll-out.

As such, availability will vary by province based on their individual ordering and distribution activities.

Cannabis chocolates

The first wave of cannabis chocolate products will arrive in stores in early January 2020, includes Tokyo Smoke Go, Tokyo Smoke Pause and Tweed Bakerstreet chocolate bars.

Tokyo Smoke Go is a THC-infused, sativa-dominant dark milk chocolate with minimal CBD content. Each five-piece chocolate bar contains 10 mg of THC, or 2 mg of THC in each piece.

Tokyo Smoke Pause is a THC-infused, indica-dominant dark milk chocolate, containing 2 mg of THC in each of the five squares.

Tweed Bakerstreet is blended with peppermint and milk chocolate and offers 2.5 mg of THC in each of the four chocolate squares. The second wave of chocolate bars will include Tokyo Smoke Ease CBD chocolate, expected to be on shelves in late January, as well as the Canopy Growth’s new brand of chocolate, Bean & Bud, expected to be on shelves by the end of February 2020. 

Cannabis beverages

The first batch of the Canopy Growth’s ready-to-drink mixed distilled cannabis beverage products —Tweed Houndstooth & Soda, Houseplant Grapefruit and Houseplant Lemon — are expected to hit shelves in early January 2020. The Company plans to launch more beverages under the Tweed, Quatreau and Deep Space brands in the following weeks of January, with its Distilled Cannabis spirits expected to arrive in early February. 

Cannabis vape pens

The new cannabis vape pens and cartridges products  are expected to launch late January 2020. Tweed, Twd. and Van Der Pop branded 510 thread format devices remain Canopy Growth’s first launch focus, as the 510 thread format comprises about 75 per cent of vape extract sales in established markets like Colorado and California.

Other feature-rich vape products are expected to launch at a later date, including the company’s single-use, recyclable, Bluetooth-enabled Juju Joints line-up of products. 

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