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Survey: Cannabis consumers strongly prefer eco-friendly products

Cannabis consumers prefer products that are eco-friendly, pestiside-free and certified organic, according to a new survey.

Canivate Growing Systems conducted a nationwide survey in the United States of more than 600 cannabis consumers in jurisdictions where a recreational cannabis is legal.

The survey found consumers overwhelmingly support establishing both environmental standards (79 per cent supporting) and quality certifications (77 per cent) for adult recreational cannabis products.

Respondents indicated that they are willing to pay more for cannabis that is grown in an eco-friendly, organic manner, with 64 per cent of respondents agreeing. However, when asked about specific cultivation methods, that support increased dramatically.

Consumers strongly favour paying more for cannabis that is:

  • grown free from chemical pesticides (92 per cent)
  • without chemical fertilizers (88 per cent)
  • hasn’t been irradiated for pathogens (85 per cent)
  • is grown in a low carbon footprint environment (82.5 per cent)
  • cultivated in a manner that conserves water (86 per cent)

“The research suggests that consumers are more sophisticated and discerning in their brand trust than was previously thought,” said Troy McCellan, CEO of Canivate.

“We believe new approaches to cultivation and testing are needed to preserve trust in this new market. The more educated consumers become, the more they will demand products that are environmentally friendly and certifiably proven to be free of chemical toxins, pathogens and decontamination treatments.”

Cannabis consumer buying patterns

When purchasing products, it was no surprise that the potency, health and other effects of cannabis is the No. 1 factor in their decision (with 96 per cent saying it’s extremely to slightly important).

Surprisingly, a cultivation method free of pesticides was ranked nearly the same in terms of importance (95 per cent), outpacing environmental issues like having a low carbon footprint (84 per cent).

As well, about 33 per cent of respondents believe that cannabis production uses more pesticides and fungicides than conventional agricultural practices, with about half believing it uses the same or less.

Brand reputation is becoming an important criterion for cannabis consumers as well, the survey found. More than 75 per cent of respondents said that seeking out specific brands is important to their shopping choices.

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