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Water Ways Technologies installs its first Cannaways system

The Toronto-based Water Ways Technologies has completed the installation and delivery of its first Cannaways medical cannabis irrigation and fertilization system.

Cannaways is an Internet of Things (IoT) controlled irrigation and fertilization system for cannabis cultivators.

The Cannaways system is designed for the specific needs of cannabis growers and cultivators, in order to increase cannabis yield and consistency, while reducing energy, water, and fertilization costs. The Cannaways system is also available for greenhouse, outdoor food production and fish farm operations where controlled irrigation and fertilization systems are desired.

“The delivery of the Cannaways system to one of the largest medical cannabis licensed producers in the world is a milestone for Waterways and proof of the advanced technology developed by the Waterways team,” said Ohad Haber, Water Ways Technologies chairman and chief executive officer.

“We continue to introduce Cannaways to interested parties around the world and look forward to continued market penetration in 2020.”

The initial Cannaways system has been installed at the medical cannabis cultivation facility of Cronos Israel, a majority owned entity of Cronos Group Inc. The system was ordered in 2018, went through an adaptation and implementation process and was field tested and approved by Cronos Israel last week.

Water Ways has received two more orders for the system from Israeli medical cannabis licensed producers and is in negotiations to deliver additional systems to licensed producers in South America and Europe.

The Cannaways system includes:

  • Hydroponic system of flooding benches to maximize cannabis plant nutritional absorption together with full monitoring and control of the plant nutrition during the different growing stages.
  • Fertilizing control system comprised of raw fertilizer tanks and dosing pumps.
  • Drainage, filtration, water recycling and climate monitoring systems. 
  • IoT Control Gateway. 

The IoT Control Gateway is comprised of an industrial controller and integrated proprietary software to monitor and control various components of the cultivation project.

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