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FIGR launches cannabis vaping products into Canadian market

Toronto pot producer, FIGR, is ready for Cannabis 2.0 with a sleek line of high-quality cannabis vaping products.  

Initially rolling out across Ontario, FIGR’s new line of THC vaping products include stylish vapourizors and flavoured pods. Consumers can be sure FIGR products are free of harmful ingredients like vitamin E. acetate which caused a rash of lung injuries across the US and Canada in 2019.

“The Canadian government’s green light for derivative cannabis products, including vape, presents the opportunity for FIGR to progress its product diversification in order to meet the growing demand for high-quality, adult-use cannabis products,” said Pyxus President, CEO and Chairman Pieter Sikkel.

Pyxus is a global agricultural company and FIGR’s parent company. The production of FIGR’s vape pods will be tracked from seed-to-sale by Pyxus’ track-and-trace platform, SENTRI. Product information will then be shared with consumers in order to further transparency and ensure quality.

FIGR’s cannabis vaping products promise a high-quality experience

Vapes are easy to use, portable, and offer a consistent dose of THC, compared to traditional methods of cannabis consumption. Here’s what FIGR has in store:

  • Master Vaporizor – The Master Vapourizor is a custom-designed, temperature-controlled, and rechargeable THC vapourizor that pairs with FIGR’s Master Pods. Sold separately, the pods are available in citrus, melon, mixed berry, and natural terpene flavours. 
  • Craft Vapourizor – FIGR craft cartridges allow consumers to enjoy the licensed producer’s craft cannabis with any 510 threaded vape battery. Cartridges are available in mixed berry, citrus and natural terpene flavours. 

The launch of FIGR’s product line follows the phase two implementation of Canada’s recreational cannabis legalization process, frequently referenced as Cannabis 2.0.

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FIGR’s vapes will be available through e-commerce channels and select Canadian retail locations, as regulation and distribution permits.

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