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Inner Spirit towers the retail cannabis scene with 37 Spiritleaf stores

Inner Spirit has opened two new retail cannabis stores in Canada and one more is on the way — for now.

With a total of 37 Spiritleaf stores, the company now leads the pack when it comes to operating the most retail cannabis shops across Canada. 

“We’re experiencing significant operating success as we further build out the industry-leading Spiritleaf network,” said Inner Spirit president and CEO, Darren Bondar. “We’re very pleased to have 37 Spiritleaf stores serving their communities with a premium recreational cannabis shopping experience supported by our knowledgeable and talented staff.”

Spiritleaf is the first Canadian cannabis company to be granted Canadian Franchise Association membership to date. The company aims to be Canada’s most trusted source for cannabis, offering a premium consumer experience and high-quality products. 

The new retail stores are now open in Edmonton’s Clareview Crossing neighbourhood and Sexsmith, strengthening to the company’s presence in northern Alberta. Spiritleaf has also received a cannabis retail store license from AGLC for a franchised location in Cochrane. Applications for 10 more retail stores have been submitted to the AGLC, with the locations currently in final development stages.

Shop at Spiritleaf retail cannabis stores

Spiritleaf stores pack as much quality merch as they do marijuana. In addition to retailing legal cannabis, consumers can also buy 420 apparel and accessories at Spiritleaf. Here’s a look at what’s in store: 

  • Herb Grinders featuring a pollen screen, diamond-shaped teeth, and a magnetic lid.
  • Airtight, odor-free, water-resistant, and childproof Dube Tubes.
  • Spoon Pipes in a variety of colours, perfect for at home or on-the-go use.
  • Rolling papers made with 100 percent hemp.
  • Conveniently pre-rolled cones with Spiritleaf bullet tips and three packing straws for effortless filling.
  • Rolling machine for the ever-elusive “perfect” joint.
  • Clear glass water pipe with a beaker base and an ice catch for a smooth cannabis smoke.

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In addition to Alberta, the Spiritleaf retail cannabis store network includes franchised and corporate-owned locations in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

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