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Mentabinol delivers all the benefits of THC minus the trip

A new THC formula with no psychoactive side effects could soon be available in Canada. 

CanaQuest has filed a patent for Mentabinol, a cannabis product that delivers all the benefits of THC minus the trip. 

“Our patent is the foundation for real scientifically backed medical cannabis treatment for patients in need,” said CanaQuest co-founder and president, Paul Ramsay. The company anticipates Mentabinol will be a game-changer for consumers who are concerned about the long-term psychotic effects of THC. 

In a press release, CanaQuest states that THC is associated with a wide range of deleterious neuropsychiatric side-effects. The company’s sponsored research programs show chronic exposure to THC increases anxiety, depressive symptoms, and vulnerability to schizophrenia-related symptoms. CanaQuest adds THC is known to produce profound cognitive side effects such as deficits in cognitive filtering and memory impairments.

What is Mentabinol?

CanaQuest’s formulation uses food-grade botanical extracts (including algae oil) and THC oil. The application of Mentabinol in pre-clinical trials at Western University have demonstrated:

  • Reversal of depression-like and schizophrenia-related symptoms.
  • Complete blockage of memory impairment.
  • Complete blockage of hyperactive activity.
  • Complete blockage of gene vulnerability.

Western is one of two Canadian universities engaged by CanaQuest to research the use of botanical extracts and cannabis for the development of health products and nutraceuticals. Nutraceuticals are pharmaceutical alternatives that claim physiological benefits.

“We are very excited by this unique discovery,” said Western University’s Dr. Steven Laviolette said. “Reducing the negative side effects of THC is an important step forward in developing more effective cannabinoid therapeutics.”

Research is focused on the development of pharmaceuticals for mental health and to mitigate the spread of cancerous tumors. Clinical trials are ongoing at both Western and the University of Waterloo.

Based in Mississauga, CanaQuest is also working with CBD/botanical formulations. The company’s goal is to develop alternative treatments to traditional pharmaceuticals for people struggling with a variety of health challenges.

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