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Canadian budtenders get Organic Cannabis Certification training

The Green Organic Dutchman has launched the world’s first organic cannabis certification program for budtenders.

TGOD’s one-of-a-kind training program will be offered at all 364 cannabis stores in Canada that will soon distribute the company’s products.

“Organic isn’t an adjective. It is a fundamentally different consumer habit where people want to have transparency about where their products are coming from and what goes into them,” said TGOD head of marketing, Drew Campbell. “We want the first question for a budtender to ask when somebody goes in-store to be: Would you prefer organic?”

Over 150 budtenders have already been certified in Ontario. Additionally, TGOD will also host in-store activations across the country to help consumers understand the benefits of organic cannabis. By the end of 2019, the company will have hosted 40 in-store activations.

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With its cannabis growing in living soil, TGOD is a premium certified organic cannabis company committed to sustainable production. The company’s two Canadian facilities are built to LEED certification standards and all products are sold in recyclable packaging. 

More consumers will have access to TGOD cannabis later this month when the company expands its distribution.

In addition to 24 stores in Ontario, TGOD’s cannabis will be available at 340 retail stores in Alberta, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia, with more provinces to come.

“As we continue scaling up our operations, we are now in a position to start distributing our premium certified organic cannabis products to additional provinces as well as launching new strains,” said TGOD vice president of sale, Mike Gibbons. “Retailers are eager to get access to larger quantities of premium, high-quality dried flower, a market segment currently undersupplied.”

New organic cannabis strains by TGOD are Discover, a bright and uplifting Sativa and Tranquility, an Indica strain.

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