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Don’t panic, Rubicon Organics launches Simply Bare cannabis in Canada

Rubicon Organics has launched its first brand of certified organic cannabis into the Canadian cannabis market. 

The Canadian cannabis company’s Simply Bare brand will initially have two product offerings: BC Organic Blue Dream and BC Organic Creek Congo. 

“We developed Simply Bare based on feedback from thousands of consumers and budtenders to ensure we spoke to a real need in the market,” said Rubicon Organics president, Tim Roberts.

BC Organic Blue Dream is the organic version of the classic sativa dominant strain with high a THC potency of 22 percent and strong blueberry aromas. BC Organic Creek Congo is a sativa dominant hybrid with a spicy aroma and a THC content of 18.5 percent. Both strains promise an all-natural, terpene-rich experience.

The first licensed producer in Canada to complete an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP), Rubicon Organics grows its plants in 100 percent certified organic soil and under full-spectrum sunlight. Under its commitment to sustainability, the company will package its Simply Bare cannabis in recyclable glass jars.

“Simply Bare is about high-quality, clean, consistently great flower, with nothing to hide, said Roberts. 

How Rubicon Organics completed its EFP for cannabis production

The EFP is a rigorous government audited process that acknowledges excellence in agricultural production with regards to environmental sustainability and human health. The company’s facility in Delta, BC is focused on environmental sustainability in the following ways: 

  • Rubicon Organics generates all of its electricity through hydropower. 
  • The company’s plants are grown with sunlight and LED lighting.  
  • The company composts and reuses all organic matter.
  • The cannabis company recaptures and reuses carbon as a crop supplement.
  • The company uses precision, sensor-based watering which reduces water consumption.
  • Rubicon Organics collects and recycles all rainwater.
  • Rubicon Organics uses condensate traps and moisture sensors to recycle all water vapor collected from processing.

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Founded in 2015 by a small group of cannabis entrepreneurs. Rubicon Organics now has two world-renowned facilities and a portfolio of leading cannabis brands. Simply Bare will be for sale in Canada this winter. 

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