Shoppers Drug Mart expands medical cannabis program in Canada

Shoppers Drug Mart has expanded its medical cannabis program to include seven more Canadian provinces.

Launched in Ontario earlier this year and then Alberta, Medical Cannabis by Shoppers provides patients with single-source access to medical marijuana from 12 licensed producers. 

“Patients need more convenient access to their medicine with professional oversight and trusted support,” said Shoppers Drug Mart president, Jeff Leger. “We expanded Medical Cannabis by Shoppers nationally to provide enhanced service to more patients so they can feel empowered to access medical cannabis through the medical market with the guidance of healthcare professionals.”

Under current regulations, pharmacists cannot dispense medical cannabis from a pharmacy, so products are shipped to the patient’s home. Additionally, support is available for patients, including help with choosing the correct strain, through the program’s cannabis care call centre.

According to Statistics Canada, over 1.1 million Canadians use cannabis for medical purposes but over 800,000 patients are self-medicating.

How Canadians get their medical cannabis

The number of patients in Shoppers Drug Mart’s new service areas who obtained their cannabis through the legal system:

  • British Columbia (Population, 4.6 million) – 18,326 patients. 
  • Manitoba (Population, 1.3 million) – 15,924 – patients.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador (Population, 520,000) – 5,034 patients. 
  • New Brunswick (Population, 747,000) – 8,724 patients. 
  • Nova Scotia (Population 900,000) – 15,072 patients.
  • PEI (Population, 143,000) – 1,602 patients.
  • Saskatchewan (Population, 1 million) – 8,952 patients.

Patients in the above provinces can now obtain their medical marijuana documents directly from shoppersdrugmart.ca/cannabis or visit their local Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy for assistance.  

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Education for pharmacists is supported by a panel of independent medical experts who provide guidance on new clinical evidence surrounding cannabis. The team has also developed algorithms to help Shoppers’ cannabis care advisors select the correct strain based on physician recommendations.

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