Supreme Cannabis launches Sugarleaf by 7AC

Supreme Cannabis is introducing Sugarleaf by 7AC —  a new product line by 7AC.

Sugarleaf widens the company’s product lineup and is designed for cannabis consumers who demand a more refined, milder consumption experience as they discover their own cannabis taste preferences.

Sugarleaf products are created using trim, the sugary-looking, trichome-dense, dry-cured sugar leaves from 7Acres’ strains.

Sugarleaf’s first product will be pre-rolled joints made with strains from 7Acres. Additional product formats, focused on offering consumers elegant, ready-to-enjoy and convenient cannabis experiences, will be introduced to the market in the new year, including cannabis 2.0 products.

“We are very excited to introduce consumers to Sugarleaf by 7AC. Following on the success of our Blissco brand pre-rolls and our research into consumer preferences, we determined a premium, ready-to-smoke joint would be the perfect product to launch the Sugarleaf line,” said Navdeep Dhaliwal, chief executive officer of Supreme Cannabis. “With the addition of Sugarleaf to the Supreme Cannabis brand portfolio, we are reaching a new consumer who might be experiencing high-end cannabis for the first time and desires a convenient product format.”

The first Sugarleaf product

Rolled Jack Haze is Sugarleaf’s first product to the market followed by the remainder of the strain lineup, which includes Jean Guy, Sensi Star and White Widow, in the New Year.

Sugarleaf’s Rolled Jack Haze will be available in 1 gram pre-rolled joints and is manufactured using wood cones with a folded in, square tip.

Jack Haze was launched by 7Acres in September, and is the first sativa dominant strain in 7acres’ roster, Jack Haze delivers high THC content (19 to 24 per cent) with a terpinolene forward profile.

Jack haze is one of few cannabis strains available with a terpinolene dominant cannabis terpene, delivering a complex aroma with notes of citrus, pine and warm spice. True to its aroma, the strain offers a crisp, zesty and evergreen flavour.

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