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Tantalus Labs enters Ontario recreational cannabis market

A new source of BC bud is now available in Ontario, following an agreement between Tantalus Labs and the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Tantalus Labs, a BC based producer of craft cannabis, has executed an agreement with the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) to bring its cannabis to residents across the province.

The agreement marks the first time that non-medical consumers will have access to Tantalus Labs’ sustainable cannabis products in Ontario.

Tantalus harnesses sunshine and rainwater to grow premium cannabis in its purpose-built SunLab, the first cannabis-designed technical greenhouse of its kind.

By striving for optimal cannabis growing conditions in the most natural way possible, Tantalus produces cannabis with a smaller carbon footprint than mass-produced alternatives.

“We are delighted to bring our BC grown cannabis to Eastern Canada and share our passion for the plant with Ontario residents,” said Dan Sutton, CEO of Tantalus Labs.

“It is humbling to receive the consistent celebration of our brand and products from customers across Canada, and now it’s Ontario’s time. We can’t wait to get quality BC bud to cannabis enthusiasts in the province.”

Tantalus is now finalizing partnerships that position the company to maximize opportunities presented by the second wave of legalization. 

With an extraction partnership with Okanagan-based Valens GroWorks, and a beverage partnership with Vancouver-based Postmark Brewing, Tantalus is expanding its product range across a variety of consumption formats.

Tantalus Labs’ Toronto introduction

To celebrate Tantalus’ arrival in Ontario, the company is hosting Notes from the West Coast: An Immersive and Educational Evening from the Purveyors of Elite BC Cannabis, a private event that will introduce Tantalus’ product range to Toronto.

Notes from the West Coast takes place on Thursday, Nov.21 at The Costume House in Toronto’s Geary Avenue progressive arts district. Tantalus Labs’ cannabis products are expected to be available in Ontario soon at regulated retailers across the province. 

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