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Wildfire Collective launches direct-ownership crowdfunding campaign

Canadians looking to invest in the cannabis market have a new avenue to enter the industry, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign by Wildfire Collective.

The cannabis company has launched a nation-wide direct-ownership equity crowdfunding campaign. In total, the Wildfire Collective is raising $2.5 million in funding.

Canadians will be able to own a portion of the Wildfire Collective by investing through, an equity crowdfunding platform. Funds will be used to complete the company’s three main objectives: the purchase of additional property; the construction of Phase 1 facilities; and for general operating capital.

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“There is a growing opportunity to supply the medical and connoisseur markets with terpene-rich organically-produced cannabis products,” said Mark Spear, CEO of Wildfire Collective.

“The new Canadian regulations will legalize vaporized extracts in October 2019, and Wildfire will be prepared to meet the high demand for these craft cannabis products.”

The Wildfire Collective’s initial outdoor production footprint is anticipated to span about 392,000 square feet across three farms, and is projecting a total annual output of 4,500 kg of small-batch cannabis in 2020.

The company is currently developing or collaborating with four locations – Lanark, Renfrew, Lambton and Glencoe – which will be Simply Certified by the Cannabis Conservancy. This certification is awarded to farms that demonstrate sustainability leadership, openness and accountability, going well beyond organic.

Wildfire Collective has recently signed a preliminary wholesale supply agreement with Tantalus Labs, a licensed producer of sun-grown cannabis based in British Columbia. A definitive agreement will be negotiated upon licensing.

The company has also signed an letter of intent with Taima Extracts, a prospective licensed processor completing its buildout of a 20,000 square foot facility in Ontario. The agreement is for processing and distribution of small-batch, high terpene vapour cartridges and a variety of medical and connoisseur grade extracts upon the parties obtaining their licences and commencing full operation. The agreement is for 2,000 kg for 2020.

Located in the Ottawa Valley, Wildfire Collective is a network of seasoned farmers who are committed to consistently cultivating environmentally-friendly organic cannabis, and exceeding the expectations of discerning consumers.

Wildfire Collective plans to double the number of partner farms every year for at least the next three years to meet demand. The company’s business model is built on collaboration and is unique to the Canadian cannabis industry.

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